LCT also hosts exciting research projects ‘for’ tourism professionals ‘by’ tourism professionals. So far:

  • Cultural mediation in tourism: Cosmopolitan London

This exciting new research project looked into tourism professionals’ views and experiences of communicating in their workplace. It focussed on cultural diversity and consisted of interviews with 24 tourism professionals from hotels and hostels in London. The idea was to find out what culture, communication and intercultural communication mean for tourism professionals. Tourism professionals’ suggestions during the interviews are used to devise training in intercultural communication for tourism professionals that truly addresses the needs of tourism professionals (see forthcoming LCT ‘More than training’ event).

What staff interviewed said about workshops in intercultural communication:

“It would better me as a person, not just for work. Possibly to be able to communicate better with our guests, or do things more effectively.”

“I definitely think that it is something that is needed and would be well received. I mean people who tend to work in the tourist industry are generally quite like-minded in the sense that they are open to different cultures and different ways of life, and they’re quite interested in learning about that sort of thing.”

 “Yeah, I definitely believe that it would make a difference. There’s a lot of techniques everywhere and people aren’t aware of, so yeah, definitely.”

“I think yeah, definitely, because although most of it is just common sense, I mean most of us have not been taught how to communicate with people from different cultures but it seems to work OK, a lot of it is just what comes naturally. But saying that it might not come naturally for everyone, so there is some scope for guidance (…) So yeah, definitely there’s always room for improvement.”

For more information about Cultural mediation in tourism: Cosmopolitan London research project, check the UCL website which will tell you all about it:


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