Roundtable (FREE): ‘Communicating in London’s tourism industry’ (FLYER HERE)

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21 September 2012: 10am – 1pm (followed by lunch 1pm – 2pm)

This roundtable will focus on communication practices within London’s tourism industry. A range of questions will be examined, such as, for example, issues related to communicating in a culturally diverse workplace.

The overall aim of this gathering is to share ideas concerning communication in London’s tourism industry and to explore the extent to which current communication practices may be further supported/ improved. A wide range of experience and knowledge is pooled together: tourism professionals, academics, trainers with experience in training tourism staff, representatives of tourism-related institutions and local authorities.

There will be interactive and participative exercises, group work, time to reflect and exchange ideas and short presentations. You will get the opportunity to hear other perspectives on issues related to communication in the context of tourism and to receive feedback on your ideas and thoughts.

Location: UCL London

To register and receive the programme, please email (mailto:lcintourism@gmail.com), using ‘LCT roundtable registration’ as a subject line.



Workshop (FREE): ‘Intercultural communication for tourism professionals

Download PDF flyer

Download PDF programme

14 September 2012: 10am – 1pm (followed by lunch 1pm – 2pm)

An exciting half day event supported by experts in communication and language teaching, for you to learn more about culture, communication in London’s hotel and hostels and to learn some Chinese!! This offers you more than training, this workshop will equip you with skills you will be able to use throughout your professional career and personal life.

Location: UCL London


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