Who is it for?

LCT is a network for anyone working in tourism: hotel managers, receptionists, youth hostel workers, tour guides, travel agents, museum staff, waiters, taxi drivers. You don’t need to speak another language: you just need to be interested in sharing communication tips and techniques, and in developing your communication skills.

What is it for?

LCT aims to create a space where tourism professionals can:

  • find out information about language, communication and culture in tourism
  • discuss these vital aspects of their job

What LCT can help with

Perhaps you’re not as confident as you’d like when you’re communicating with international visitors?

At times you’re feeling  language is a barrier or you feel that you have been misunderstood?

You may even wonder how you could develop your communication skills?

This is the kind of things LCT can support you with…

So what is LCT?

LCT is an initiative based at UCL. We organise events, engage with businesses in the tourism industry and support the kind of research in language, communication and culture which can make a difference for tourism businesses and their staff.

We believe that developing effective ways to communicate across the language barrier in the tourism context is crucial for success in our globalised world and culturally diverse cities such as London.


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